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Star Kids® Products is an innovative children's product manufacturer that specializes in making fun and safe products for busy, traveling families. We specialize in safe and easy-to-clean products to make life easier when traveling with children whether via car on road trips, railroad or by plane.

Most Popular Travel Accessories:

  • Snack and Play® Travel Tray:  The Snack and Play® Travel Tray (pictured top-right) is ideal for short and long trips. Use the Travel Tray anywhere you go with your car seat, even airplanes! This travel tray keeps your child happy and entertained so you can travel with confidence.

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  • Snack and Play® Travel Tray 2.0:  The Snack and Play® Travel Tray 2.0 (pictured middle-right) has all the great features of the original, but also features an electronic-safe magnetic dry-erase surface to help your child stay entertained for those long road trips!

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  • Play-n-Go®The Play-n-Go®  (pictured bottom-right) reduces travel-time stress and covers table surfaces for good, clean fun! This entertainment center is full of exciting and educational activities. It fits perfectly on most airline tray tables, high chair trays and fits perfectly onto the Snack & Play Travel Tray® for use in the car. So whether you are in the air or on the road, Play-n-Go provides MILES OF SMILES!

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Featured Review

Dr. David Kay D.O.

Family Medicine
Los Angeles, CA

"The Snack and Play® Travel Tray by Star Kids® Products brings to the table an innovative product that can be very beneficial for young children and driving safety as well as for any age in a population using wheelchairs. It is safe and effective in its purpose. Its applications allow for it to be effectively used more in these arenas.

I have personally used the product and was able to fit it nicely onto my child’s car seat and stroller. The two side storage compartments have been helpful in storing my child’s bottle and other toys when he isn’t using them. The wall is 2 inches high and does a great job at stopping food from falling off and helps my child’s toys from getting lost in between our car seats. This is a great product and I personally recommend it!"


More Customer Reviews

  • We recently bought 2 of these for a longish road trip to my in-laws’ home. I have 2 very active three year olds with VERY short attention spans- these trays were great for them!

    Mommy of Twins, Snack and Play Travel Tray, Amazon Review

  • I read a lot of reviews on different trays before purchasing this one, and I am very happy with our purchase. My daughter is 20 months old, and the first time I used the tray, she didn’t want to get out of the car!

    Gemesq, Snack and Play Travel Tray, Amazon Review

  • Easy to buckle on and off! It’s really easy to store it away when my son is done using it. I especially liked this product when I grab food on the go for my son and I’m driving. He also loves to play and color while on the road.

    Cristina, Snack and Play Travel Tray, Toys R Us Review

  • This is a great travel tray for my 3 year old son. We have a Britax carseat and this fits perfectly. It is just sturdy enough that he is able to eat snacks, color, and play with his cars and other small toys. It also keeps everything from constantly falling on the floor. The mesh pockets on the side are also a great feature.

    Lynn, Snack and Play Travel Tray, Amazon Review

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